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Name: Cathy

Location: Maine, USA

Title: Kissing Oscars

These are two oscars I was given by a lady who was moving out of the country. They were about 4 inches long when I got them. They are now 6 inches long and doing well. They are a breeding pair or at least they act like it. The Albino is the boss. She is always telling my red oscar that. This is a pic of them ‘kissing’, or lip locking. They are super fun and seem to like having their pic taken. Their names are Nemo (albino) and Ollie (red) and we have a 6 inch Pleco as well who is named “sticky”.

Name: Ian

Location: New Jersey, USA

Title: My Two Oscars

two albino oscars


I have 2 Oscars. One is an albino tiger oscar. The other is a lutino oscar. I believe that they are male and female. I got them when they were 2 1/2 inches. Now they’re about 11 inches and they’re always hungry. I think that they want to breed because,they dug a hole in the gravel. They also clean this flat rock that’s in the tank. It’s been about a month and I haven’t seen any eggs.I’ll keep my fingers crossed for fertilized eggs.

What I love about Oscars are that they recognize you. When I walk through the door. They go to the top of the tank and wag their tales. Then when I leave. They go to the bottom and stare at me.They have the best personalities that I have ever seen a fish have.

Name: Mark Ray

Location: San Simeon, CA

Title: Tigger- The Gentle Giant

I’ve had “Tigger” for about 4 years now.I bought her and an albino tiger oscar when they were about the size of a quarter. The albino(albie) would bully her around without mercy. Albie went back to the fish store. They gave me two silver dollars(the fish) in trade. At this time,i had a 38 gallon tank.I moved to another house with more room and upgraded to an 80 Gal. tank and added two blood parrot fish,a pleco,a golden dojo and some crazy catfish whose species I’ve forgotten.
They are the best of friends. All of them. Tigger is SOOOOOO mellow that she wont even eat the 30 guppies my mom made me take off her hands. She LOVES her meal worms though.
I’ve had fish in my house for over 40 years now,and I can honestly say that Tigger is the only one that ive ever considered to be a friend.
I would advise everyone who has the ability to care for an Oscar to get one.But take very good care of it.They are very special fish.

P.S. Tigger is HUGE now.At least 2 pounds of fun.She is my “Gentle Giant”.

Name: Kathy Gustafson

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Title: My Oscar Who is Named Oscar

Well he is such a character I love my fish everyone thinks I’m silly he plays, he let’s me pet him or her, not sure! He gets so happy when I’m by the tank, like a puppy wagging his tail. He’s almost 8 inches long. He seems to be content. I have a laser light I skim across the bottom of his tank (not at him) and he chases it. He loves it… I’ve tried ping pong balls, but he ignores them. He simply loves that light.

Well I enjoyed your site it was very helpful thank you!
From Kathy in las vegas.

Name: Christine

Location: Maryborough QLD, Australia

Title: Miss

I have an albino, I named it Narly coz it is, I’m not sure if its male or female yet, its only about 5 inches long still a baby, i can pat and it plays in water stream of the filter lol quite funny to watch. I also have 2 convicts as tank companions, they get along, my big fishy is very calm in nature, not aggressive at all but if it will chase the convicts if they get to close to its house.

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