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Below you will find a collection of YOUR Betta Fish Pictures.

This is your place to show off your Betta Fish. If you have not already submitted a picture for us to post on this website, please do so below.

As your viewing the betta images below, remember that the male is going to be a bit larger and will have a larger fins and tail along with more color.

I invite you to view the betta pictures below and admire the beauty of this favored freshwater tropical fish.

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Name: Steve
Location: West Hempstead, NY
Title: My Betta Fish
blue betta fish

This is a photo of my Male Crowntail Betta he is 1 week old today.

Name: Andre

Location: Cantebury, UK

Title: Betta Mixed Tank

I have a 2 Ancistrus, 10 Silver Tip Tetras and 11 cardinal tetras that share a 130l tank with my Betta. In my tank i have a peat bag and plants floating on one side my Betta tends to spend alot of time it the plants. The Tetras tend to just school in the center leaving the Betta alone.

Name: Roxanne

Location: Grandview, MO

Title: My Betta


My  fish is named Albert. But we call him Starina. He is named after the character that Nathan Lane plays in The Bird Cage.

Name: Erin Rice

Title: Monsoon

Here’s my electric blue veiltail Betta named Monsoon. When college started last fall, all the new freshmen got coupons for free Bettas, so I decided to get one.

So far, Monsoon’s lived the longest of any of the Bettas in my dorm. I’m very grateful for that, because he’s such a cute little guy that I’d hate to lose him.

He started off in a one-gallon bowl before I realized that Bettas should NOT be kept in bowls smaller than two gallons. (Though I DID know enough to understand that they shouldn’t be kept in half-gallon Betta carriers or smaller, and that’s where a lot of the other girls had been failing =/ ) That bowl got a leak in it, and at the moment he’s in a nice 2.5-gallon tank. I would get bigger, but there would really be no room for it in the dorm room. He seems perfectly happy to me anyways, and I make sure to take good care of him. I have a heater and filter for him, and I still clean out the gravel, do a partial water change, and rinse off all the decorations once a week.
I also have pH conditioner that I use. For a little while during Christmas break, he got a little fungus on his top fin even though I had been cleaning out his tank once every 3-4 days. It went away once I started using the conditioner and got a little grime off of the heater that I had somehow missed.
(You can see a little bit of the damaged scales in these photos just under his top fin, but it’s long gone now.)

He’s a very energetic little fish, and quite clever at that. He loves the little jewels at the bottom of the tank, and he even knows that there’s a mirror on the other side of them; I’ve actually seen him flip them over sometimes just to look at his reflection!
“I KNOW there’s an intruder under there, he can’t keep hiding from me, I’ll teach him…”

He also knows when it’s feeding time; he always goes nuts as soon as I pick up the can.

He seems to play a little game with me; He’ll usually always come up to the top when I put my finger near the water, then he’ll let me pet him for a moment before swimming away slightly and looking back at my finger, then repeating it over again.
“Oop, you can’t catch me! I’m kidding, you can pet me–NOPE, tricked you again! :D

I’m very glad to have such a happy little fish. Whoever says that fish are boring pets haven’t seen Bettas at their best. =P

Name: Hannah Arth

Location: USA

Title: My Beautiful Betta

beautiful betta

My betta had gotten really sick a few weeks before I took this picture. But, now, it looks like he is feeling a lot better. I am very glad. :)

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