Wrought Iron Fish Tank Stands

Wrought Iron Fish Tank Stands are usually a more economical option to support your home aquarium. Most aquarium metal stands are painted flat black, and may have a simple design on them to no designer touches at all. Most wrought iron fish tank stands are rather simple pieces, made of four legs, along with your horizontal and vertical support bars.

Some aquarium metal stands come with a flat open shelf to hold supplies; while others are what we call double decker stands. Simply meaning they can hold two tropical fish tanks, one on top, and another the same size or smaller directly below it.

Nearly all of the wrought iron aquarium stands available just support the outer edges of the tank and do not have a solid top piece. This is perfectly fine as long as you have a glass aquarium. Acrylic aquariums must have a flat surface to support the entire bottom of the tank.

Wrought iron aquarium stands are a great choice if you need to save money or you have your tank in a place that does not require it to match the surrounding furniture. I would recommend that if you choose an aquarium metal stand that you place it in a low traffic area. While metal aquarium stands will support the weight of the aquarium tank, they do not need to be bumped often. Metal aquarium stands tend to be easier to move or wobble. So leaning on them or constantly bumping into them may cause damage or injury.

Metal aquarium stands are perfectly safe when they are set up correctly and in the correct location in your home.

Advantages of Wrought Iron and Metal
Aquarium Stands

  • Affordable
  • Simple construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easily available for you to purchase
  • Take up very little space
  • Models available to house multiple tanks

Disadvantages of Wrought Iron and Metal
Aquarium Stands

  • Plain and simple look
  • Difficult to match existing furniture in a room
  • Wobbles and moves easily if bumped or leaned upon
  • Not available to hold large aquariums generally over 70 gallons


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