Wooden Fish Tank Stands

diy aquarium standWooden fish tank stands offer much more to the overall value of your aquarium compared do wrought iron fish tank stands. Selecting a wood aquarium stand allows you to make your tropical fish tank a piece of furniture in your home.

Wood aquarium stands can actually make your aquarium more of a centerpiece in any room. Wood stands come in a huge selection of sizes, colors, styles, and wood grains. When shopping for wooden aquarium stands you can choose between wood stands and wood cabinets.

Wood stands often are made to hold the tropical fish tank and that’s just about all. They are still many beautiful styles out there, but they do not offer any type of storage underneath the aquarium tank.

Wood cabinets are wooden fish tank stands that offer storage underneath the tropical fish tank. The wood cabinet may have doors that open to house supplies, equipment, or another aquarium. Some cabinets will have wooden doors with elaborate hinges and matching handles. Others may have a glass door or just flush wooden doors with no fancy or elaborate designer touches.

A wooden stand or cabinet is a much better choice for a fish tank stand. This is because wooden stands are stronger and more stable than metal stands. Wooden stands that are sold as fish tank stands are made of wood that is treated to be waterproof either by a laminate coating, a powder coating or is stained and sealed.

Many stands that are manufactured for small to medium size aquariums are made with fiberboard and then covered with laminate coating. This type of stand comes in a variety of colors and wood grains. This allows you to match your aquarium stand with the surrounding furniture in the room. So if you have an oak coffee table, an oak end table, and an oak entertainment center, you will probably want to select an oak fish tank stand.

Some wooden fish tank stands come completely assembled, and some may come in as a kit where assembly is required. Do not worry if you have to put your stand together and you are not a licensed carpenter! These kits are rather simple and most require very little assembly. Just make sure that all parts are included and all wood pieces are not cracked nor damaged.

Many aquarium stands and cabinets are what we call “lip only” stands or cabinets. This simply means that the tank sits on the lip of the stand only. There is no flat surface for the entire tank bottom to rest upon. This is perfectly fine as long as you have a glass tropical fish tank.

Acrylic fish tanks must have a solid top to rest upon. This is because acrylic tanks cannot support their weight simply on the edges of the tank. So, if you are shopping for a wood fish tank stand for your acrylic aquarium, make sure it has a full flat top and not just a lip support.

When selecting your wooden fish tank stand, be sure that it sits evenly on the floor. Do not be afraid to get down on your knees and inspect the framing on the stand before purchasing. You do not want to purchase a tank and stand only to find out that the stand is defective after you have set the entire system up.

Wooden stands tend to cost a little more than the wrought iron fish stands. As with many products in this hobby, you get what you pay for. The added expense of a wooden fish tank stand is well worth it to most hobbyist. What you pay for a wooden stand or cabinet is going to depend on you and your taste.

What to look for when purchasing

a wooden fish tank stand.

  • Adequate support vertically and horizontally.
  • No warped wood.
  • No cracked wood especially on the vertical support beams.
  • No exposed unfinished wood.(Needs to be sealed by paint, sealant, or laminate covering)
  • Cabinet doors must function properly.
  • Stand or cabinet must be made to support the aquarium that you are choosing. Do not purchase a stand made to support a 55-Gallon fish tank if you have a 75-gallon tank at home!
  • Make sure everything is level.
  • Cabinet has enough storage space for your needs.
  • Stands for acrylic tanks must have a solid top, not lip only support.

Advantages of a Wooden Stand

  • Available in many styles to match your home decor
  • Sturdy and less likely to wobble and be knocked over
  • Most allow for storage underneath the fish tank
  • Widely available
  • Beautiful addition to your home furniture.

Disadvantages of a Wooden Stand

  • More expensive than a wrought iron stand
  • Heavy

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