Types of Tropical Fish

moorii nkondeThere are thousands upon thousands of different types of tropical fish in the world today. Shopping and selecting tropical fish for your home aquarium can be quiet overwhelming when you have so much to select from today. This is a great problem to have!

Below, I would like to discuss and share with you information on the different tropical fish species and families.


When you walk into a tropical fish store and you see the most common species in their tanks, do you ever think about what type of fish family they belong to?

Fish such as tetras, Silver dollars, Hatchetfish are just a few of the fish in the Characin family. Characins are kept in our community tank because of their peaceful temperament and beautiful colors.

Please read the article below to learn more about this family of freshwater tropical fish.

Article: All about Characins


- Cichlidae-

Cichlids are one of the most popular type of aquarium fish that are kept in the hobby. This is my personal favorite. Cichlids are quiet unique and different from other species often found in this hobby today.

Cichlids can offer your more of a true wet pet due to their awesome personalities and behaviors.

Please read the article below to learn more about this awesome family of freshwater tropical fish.

To learn more about cichlids, please click on the following link:

All About Cichlids

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