Tropical Fish Profiles Page 2

By reading through the Tropical Fish Profiles below, you can learn everything you need to know about the most common freshwater tropical fish species in our hobby.

In case you missed it, Page 1 of our Fish Profiles contains profiles of some of the most popular aquarium fish. Check out
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Below you will find species information that will help you have success in keeping a wide variety of tropical fish in your home aquarium tank.

Pictures, water conditions, tank setup, care requirements, and fish behavior for each fish listed below.

Please click on the“common”name of each fish to view the profile information on each tropical fish species.


Common Name
Scientific Name
Bala SharkBalantiocheilus melanopterus
Red Tail SharkEpalzeorhynchus bicolor


Common Name
Scientific Name
Betta FishBetta splendens, Siamese Fighting Fish