Today in the Fish Room 2-10-13

I have had a very busy week this week outside of my fish room. Kids, projects, sick infants… list keeps going. One thing I was able to do was make a huge water change on my 240 gallon Mpimbwe Frontosa Tank. I changed 120 gallons of water and boy did they every love that!

I also borrowed my father’s Nikon D3100  digital camera. I am looking to upgrade cameras and wanted to play around with this model to see how I liked it. I just shot a few pics before the battery died, so I’ll continue to play with it this week.

Below are a few shots I took. I will also share some more through the week via my social media accounts. So if you are not following me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, please do so!

Remember, this is the first time for me to use this camera and I am not afraid to tell you I have no idea what I was doing!

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yellow tail acei yellow tail acei yellow tail acei
Yellow Tail Acei (8/365) Yellow Tail Acei (9/365) Yellow Tail Acei (10/365)


Synodontis eupterus upside down catfish mpimbwe frontosa mpimbwe frontosa in 240 gallon aquarium
Synodontis eupterus (11/365) Mpimbwe Frontosa (12/365) Mpimbwe Frontosa (13/365)

Tropical Fish Success News

This week I did create a new FAQ section that will allow visitors to submit questions they wish to have posted and answered on this site. If you would like to leave a fish or aquarium question, please do so by filling out this FAQ Submission Form.

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