Today in the Fish Room 1-24-13

box of fish food

Well, today I got home to find a big box at the door. Last week I ordered my bi-annual fish food order. I picked up a few other goodies while I was at it.

I usually only use New Life Spectrum fish food. But I decided to order a few extra packets to try out. I ordered a brine shrimp pellet and a few bottom dweller pellets to feed my cats and plecos.

In this order, I also stocked up on Hikari Cichlid Gold and Hikari Cichlid Staple. My two Oscars love this pellet. As they are growing larger, I ordered the larger pellet. These are floating pellets and have really kept my two Oscars healthy and their colors are awesome.

fish food orderAs you can see, I stocked up GOOD!

Is it weird that every time I get supplies in it gives me that feeling of Christmas as a kid?

In this order I also stocked up on 2 lbs of Spirulina Flake. The New Life Spectrum (Blue Tubs) are each 5 lb tubs. Since I have several large breed Cichlids (Oscars, Frontosa, Phenochilus Tanzania, Severums) I usually order NLS food in 5 lb increments. It is cheaper that way and I go through it pretty quick.

Other supplies that I ordered included some maintenance equipment. In my fish room I keep 150+ gallons of fresh water made up for water changes. I have been using the Python No Spill Water Change System for years and I absolutely can tell you that this is the by far my best investment in the fish room.

python water changerSince I have 26 tanks to change water in, I have decided to add a third Python hose to my arsenal. I will use one to vacuum the substrate, one to drain the tank, and one to refill tanks. I also picked up a Maxi-Jet 1200 powerhead pump. I use these to push the water through the pyton hose. This speeds up the water changes tremendously and doesn’t waste water.

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