Plastic Aquariums

Will you find many plastic aquariums out there that will house the fish of your dreams? No. Sorry, you most likely will not find this.

You will not find many aquariums worth purchasing that are made of plastic. Plastic fish tanks are normally found in sizes from ½ gallon – 8 gallon tanks.

Plastic tanks are often sold for goldfish or bettas. You will find these aquarium kits often include the tank, under gravel filter, hood, and light bulb. These tanks are usually manufactured in numerous shapes such as hexagon, bowl shaped, square, or rectangular.

A tank made of plastic will scratch easy, and is very easy to crack and break. In most cases, you will have a bad problem with overheating and waste buildup due to the small amount of water in the tank combined with the light that is often supplied.

I have purchased several over the years and currently do not have any plastic tanks up and running. Plastic fish tanks will do OK with one betta in them and that’s all. Saying this, the water in this tank must be maintained daily with caution on the amount fed and available light to the tank. Too much feeding and too much light will cause poor water and algae problems.



-Small: usually takes up very little space


-Scratches and breaks easily

-Small: Water parameters can get bad very fast

-Hard to regulate temperature.

- Poor filtration


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