Freshwater Tropical Fish Benefits

Whether you are brand new to this wonderful fish keeping hobby or you’ve been addicted to freshwater tropical fish for a while now, I would like to ask you to think about how often you see fish tanks out in the public? Tropical fish tanks are often found in commercial office buildings, hotels, restaurants, or even hospitals. Freshwater Tropical fish tanks provide numerous benefits to many people and require very little to maintain one in your own home!

Besides the peaceful entertainment that home aquariums offer, lets look at some of the other tropical freshwater fish benefits provided by having your private slice of tranquility in your own home


Home aquariums offer pure beauty in the form of a miniature nature scene enclosed in a glass box. While many people tend to collect works of art to hang on the wall, fish hobbyist prefer to set up aquariums in their home to admire the beauty of tropical fish swimming about 24 hours/7 days a week. The huge selection of beautifully colored aquarium fish gives you almost endless options to satisfy your taste.

Red Ruben Peacock, Aulonocara Rubescens, Aulonocara Red RubenAs far as home decorating, a tropical fish tank set up in your home will draw attention and add beauty to any room. There are endless options available for hobbyist to choose from in tank, stand, and canopy options. Choices vary on individual taste so we will cover this topic in greater detail soon. By selecting the proper fish and decorations for your aquarium, you can customize the beauty of your fish tank however you may desire.

Creativity can be expressed in the decorations (aquascaping) used in your design. Just as one may decorate a room in their house, or landscape their yard, designing the layout of your home aquarium is very fulfilling. After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


Aquariums offer you an endless source of relaxation. I spend numerous hours per week admiring my fish tanks. Think about the places I suggested as to where aquariums are found. Think about the places that you visit that requires you to sit and wait. What can often be found in this area? The answer is a fish aquarium.

Sciaenochromis fryeri, Electric Blue HapRestaurants, Dr.’s offices, hospitals, commercial buildings, and hotels are just a few that typically house a tropical fish tank in their lobby. This is because watching fish swim around in the aquarium relaxes you. The peaceful movements with their fins and tail move them effortlessly through the water. When people are relaxed, they tend not to complain for that 1-hour wait in the Dr.’s office waiting room!

There is nothing like coming home from a stressful day at work and just watching the fish swim about in the tank. Also, if you enjoy hearing running water, home aquariums can provide you with the soothing sound of running water as the water returns into the tank from the filter. (Note: if you do not like this sound, it’s ok we can fix that too!)

Reduced Stress

Did you know that tropical fish tanks have been known to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety? It is true. Again we go back to the relaxation benefit. When humans are relaxed, our stress levels drop. Sit in front of an aquarium on a regular basis and see if your stress level does not decrease.

I can remember visiting my great grandmother and my grandmother in the nursing home growing up. All of the elderly residents were either sitting around the piano or sitting around the fish tank. My great grandmother use to love watching the “pretty little fish” swim around. She said it made her feel relaxed. When young children are upset and crying, sit them in front of an aquarium and watch how fast they calm down. So, if you have stress in your life, sit back in front of a tank and see if you do not feel better. I promise you will not want to get up and walk away!

Keep A “Wet Pet”

100 Gallon Aquarium, Home AquariumMany people are not allowed to have a “traditional” pet in their house or apartment. Either due to allergies or landlord agreements, people are restricted from having pets in the house or apartments. Even with the pet restrictions, many people are allowed to have a pet fish. Freshwater tropical fish will allow for you to have a family pet to admire and care for if that is what you desire.

Freshwater tropical fish allow you to have a pet even if you do not have to the time to care for a dog or a cat. The overall upkeep of tropical fish is significantly low compared to other furry pets. You do not have to pay boarding fees every time you take a weekend trip or vacation. Just simply feed the fish, do your regular maintenance, and everything should be fine until you get back!


Housing a tropical fish tank in your home can provide many educational opportunities. Children love aquariums and this sets the stage to teach responsibility. I can not tell you the number of times I have been in a pet store and heard a parent state “Sorry honey, your just not old enough to take care of a puppy.”

Well, with a home aquarium this is not the case. Even very young children with just a little help from an adult can successfully enjoy and keep tropical fish. My two young boys ages two and five, help me daily with my tanks. They absolutely love to help feed the fish and help with water changes. Children are not the only ones that learn from housing fish in your home. Adults and children alike will learn how freshwater tropical fish live, interact, and exhibit specific behaviors.

Successful fish keeping can give you a feeling of gratification. Freshwater tropical fish actually do have personalities and keeping these finned friends come with many more benefits that I have shared above. Search this website and discover how easy it can be to successfully keep a pet fish in a home aquarium. Freshwater tropical fish benefits are different for everyone, give this hobby a try!


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