Fish Tank Filters

marineland emperor 400 power filterFish Tank filters are widely considered to be the most important piece of equipment that you will purchase. Aquarium Filters remove waste from the water column in your fish tank. In nature beneficial bacteria does this naturally. Since we keep our pet fish in a glass box, we must help remove the waste that they produce and aquarium filters are required for this.

The topic of aquarium filtration can be confusing at first to some. Tank filtration is rather simple once you have read up on the different types of filtration(so I hope I can help you with this article).

Aquarium Filter Types

Today, the freshwater tropical fish hobby has a wide selection available to choose from regarding the types of aquarium filters. Please follow the Links below to learn more about each type of fish tank filter and what I recommend for you to use to have success in tropical fish keeping.

Aquarium Power Filter

Aquarium Power Filters also known as external aquarium filters or Hang Off the Back(HOB) filters are excellent filters for your freshwater tropical fish tank. Power filters offer a great amount of customization and are priced very reasonably.

Please read more about the Aquarium Power Filter to see why so many in the hobby absolutely love this type of fish tank filter.

Popular Aquarium Power Filters

Please click on the links below to learn more about the most popular and effecient fish tank power filters available to the hobby today.

Emperor 280 Power Filter
Emperor 400 Filter

Aquarium Canister Filters

A canister filter is a great piece of equipment that you can add to your tropical fish aquarium. The aquarium canister filter is considered to be one of the best types of filters in the tropical fish keeping hobby.

Please read more about Aquarium Canister Filters and see why so many people in the hobby absolutely love this type of filter.

Aquarium Sponge Filter

A sponge filter is a great filter type to use in certain situations. Sponge filters are not really used in every tropical fish tank but they do have their place in this wonderful hobby.

Please read more about the Aquarium Sponge Filter and see why and when you may need to use this type of aquarium filter.

Wet-Dry Filter

Another type of aquarium filter that is very popular is the wet-dry filter. Many do not know of the benefits of this filter or how it works.

Please read more about the Wet-Dry Filter to learn why many tropical fish keepers choose this type of filter for their tropical fish tank.

Types of Aquarium Filtration

There are three different types of aquarium filtration processes that you should know about in this wonderful hobby. Please take the time to learn more about each by clicking on the links below.

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