Emperor Filter Parts

Looking for Emperor Filter parts to keep on hand or do you need to repair a Marineland Emperor filter?

Here you will find a wide selection of replacement parts that you may need for your Emperor Power Filter.

I like to keep additional aquarium filter parts on hand just in case I have an aquarium filter breakdown on me. I know it sounds silly, but this is a much needed investment in your freshwater tropical fish. If your are like me and live too far from a aquarium supply store or your local fish store does not carry replacement parts, I suggest you purchase a few of the marineland filter parts to keep on hand.

Emperor 400 Filter Parts – Empereor 280 Filter Parts

The parts listed below are made for the Marineland Emperor 400 Filter and the Marineland Emperor 280 Filter. Even though Marineland makes high quality aquarium filter, you may occasionally have a part fail on you for a number of reasons. These reasons vary but a few circumstances that may occur are sand in the motor, you accidentally break a component part, maintenance neglect, or you may just want to keep your aquarium equipment maintained.

Marineland Bio-Wheel Assembly

Marineland Emperor Impeller Assembly

Marineland Emperor Intake Tube Extension

Marineland Emperor Intake Tube

Marineland Strainer Emperor 400

Marineland Emperor Manifold Housing Cover

Emperor Spraybar O-Rings

Emperor Spray Bar Assembly

Emperor Media Container

Again, I suggest that you pick up an extra Impeller at the very minimum. Often, many freshwater tropical fish keepers experience problems with sand and dirt getting into the impeller housing.

I hope you will not need to replace any parts, but it is better to be safe than sorry!


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