Emperor 400 Filter

On this page you will find information on the Marineland Emperor 400 Filter. When discussing essential tropical fish aquarium equipment, the filter has to be the most important purchase you can make.

Tropical fish tank filters are absolutely necessary in order to keep your water clean and your freshwater tropical fish healthy. Aquarium power filters remove the solid waste that is released into your aquarium water leaving a clear view of your beautiful tropical fish.

Marineland Emperor 400 Filter Benefits

The Marineland Emperor 400 filter is what I like to call a high quality, hard working, aquarium power filter. The Marineland name this fish tank filter carries represents quality and trust in the freshwater tropical fish keeping hobby.

What do you get when you purchase the Emperor 400 Bio Wheel filter?

The Marineland Emperor 400 Bio Wheel filter gives you the ease of mind that your aquarium water is being cleaned at the rate of 400 GPH (gallons per hour). Solid waste is drawn up through the adjustable intake tube. You have the option of a long or short intake tube or you can cut it to a custom length very easily. This aquarium filter uses two water pumps to draw water into the unit.

The Bio-Wheel 400 Filter provides multi-stage filtration of your aquarium water. There are several filter media options available to use in this unit. More on filter media below. The Bio-Wheel technology used in this aquarium filter is what sets this unit aside from the others in the industry.

Bio Wheel Filtration

The key benefit of using the Emperor 400 Aquarium Filter is the Bio-Wheel that is used to boost your biological filtration. The bio wheel is a perfect breeding ground for the beneficial bacteria that is needed to break down harmful toxins in your aquarium water.

Marineland Emperor 400 Filter Features

  • For Aquariums 30-80 Gallons
  • Filters 400 GPH
  • Bio-Wheel Filtration (2 Bio-Wheels Included)
  • HOB (Hang Off the Back) Design
  • 4 Media Slots for Custom Filtration (2 Rite-Size “E” Cartridges Included)
  • Dual Water Intakes
  • Hinged Flip Top for easy Maintenance
  • Molded plastic Design
  • Wire Cleaning Brush Included

Measures – 16 1/2″ W x 6 1/2″ D x 10 1/2″ H

Marineland Emperor 400 Filter Media

One of the key benefits of using this aquarium filter on your tank is that you have several options available for customizing the filter media to meet your needs.

When you purchase an Marineland Emperor Bio-Wheel Filter, you will receive two free Marineland Emperor Rite-Size CartridgesMarineland Rite Size E Filter Cartridges. This filter has a total of 4 cartridge slots available so we need to maximize this space!

With this fish tank filter, many choose to purchase individual types of media and fill the filter media baskets with what they want to use for specific needs.

First, purchase the Marineland Emperor Media Container to hold your choice of filter media.

Next, you need to fill your baskets with one of the many biological, chemical, or mechanical aquarium filter media types. Below are the types of filter media I suggest that you use. Each has it’s purpose with some only needed for special occasions. Please read the description for each to determine what is needed for your aquarium tank.

To help remove the solid waste from the water column I suggest using Aquarium Filter Floss. Filter floss can be cut to custom sizes and layered in the media baskets. If you keep a regular filter maintenance schedule, you should be able to rinse the used filter floss and reuse several times before replacing. This is a very economical way to effectively filter your freshwater aquarium tank.

Next, if you would like to boost up biological filtration I would purchase a few 8″ x 6″ Filter Media Bags and fill them with your favorite choice of biological filter media. Be sure to select biological media that is under 1-inch in diameter because your media basket is 1-inch thick.

The last option you have in your filter media customization is adding some form of chemical filter media if you need it. The most economical way to implement chemical media is to use the filter bags suggested above and purchase your desired media.

Popular chemical filter media:

Marineland Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon
Ammo-Chips-Ammonia Removing Resin
Kent Phosphate Sponge


Remember you can NEVER over filter your tropical fish tank.

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