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Cichlids (pronounced sick-lids) are my favorite family of fish. Cichlids are from the Cichlidae family. The cichlidae family consists of nearly 2,000 different species.

Have you ever wondered why so many tropical fish stores have so many tanks full of cichlids?

Why do so many people keep this type of tropical freshwater fish? If you have ever asked yourself this, I am about to share with you the reason why.

Cichlids are a very unique family of fish that have a very special place in the tropical fish keeping hobby. Home aquarists do not take long to fall in love with their cichlids for more than one reason.

Cichlid Origins

Cichlids are basically from two parts of the world and are generally classified as “New World Cichlids” and “African Cichlids”.

Please read the articles below to learn more about the two major categories of cichlids kept in the home aquarium tank today.

Article: African Cichlids

Article: New World Cichlids

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