Consider Cichlid Stones to Aquascape your Fish Tank

cichlid stonesCichlid Stones help make finding the perfect aquarium rock decorations a bit easier. I have aquascaped so many fish tanks over the years and I know that finding the perfect combination of color, size, and shape of rock can be a headache.


There are two basic reasons we use rocks in our aquariums.

  • Aesthetics (for looks)
  • Shelter for our fish

There is absolutely nothing more natural and beautiful than using real rock in our tanks. But what if you do not have a good source of rock in your area? What if you simply can not find the type of rock you want to use in your tank? Instead of sticking some ugly rock that doesn’t match your style, consider using Cichlid Stones.

Cichlid Stone allows for you to stack and create a unique cichlid habitat in minutes and without the fear of adding too much weight in your fish tank. These ceramic stones are hollow and easy to stack. They make a really natural looking rock pile that will also provide shelter for cichlids especially during breeding.

Each stone has one hole and is hollow allowing for your tropical fish to swim in and out freely. Colors range from tan/creamy white, gray, and combinations of the two.

Benefits of using Cichlid Stones

  • Lighter than real stone
  • Clean
  • Hollow (provides shelter)
  • Easy to stack
  • Variety of shapes
  • Can reduce aggression among cichlids

Potential downsides of using Cichlid Stones are actually opinion based and will vary depending upon your personal decorative tastes. Some prefer the natural shapes of real rocks and not the manufactured look of this type of aquarium decoration. Another downside is that real rocks are free and you have to pay for these stones.

Cichlid Stone Options

Cichlid Stones come in a variety of sizes and you can actually buy complete sets. Below you will find some of the most common sizes and packages available.

Cichlid Stones are available on

2-Pack Cichlid Stone
3-Pack Cichlid StoneCichlid Stone Bulk Pack

Cichlid Stone, Large
Cichlid Stone Round, Small
Cichlid Stone Large, Toe Hold Rock

Cichlid Stone and Blue Zebra Spawning Video

Check out how cichlids love these stones by watching this video.

Do you use Cichlid Stones in your Aquarium?

If so, please comment below and share your review and let our visitors know what you like or dislike about them in your tank.

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