YOUR Betta Fish Pictures

Below you will find a collection of YOUR Betta Fish Pictures. This is your place to show off your Betta Fish. If you have not already submitted a picture for us to post on this website, please do so below. As your viewing the betta images below, remember that the [...] Read more »

Betta Fish Pictures


Below you will find a gallery of Betta Fish Pictures. The betta is a Anabantid from the Osphronemidae family. This tropical fish is typically a very aggressive fish, but has beauty that is known worldwide. As your viewing the betta images below, remember that the male is going to be [...] Read more »

Betta Fish Bowls

Betta Fish Bowls are just one of the types of homes you can provide for your betta fish. Some people choose to setup Betta Fish Tanks or Betta Aquariums while most select a simple, elegant betta bowl. The debate on how small a bowl is too small for your betta has been discussed for [...] Read more »

Betta Fish Aquariums

Sorting and searching through all of the different betta fish aquariums on the market can be a bit overwhelming. I know all that you want is to provide a perfect home for your pet betta fish. You will hear people refer to what they house their bettas in as betta [...] Read more »

Betta Fish Tanks

Deciding which betta tank to select among the many different types of betta fish tanks available on the market can be difficult. There are many different types ranging from plastic to glass and from very inexpensive to moderately priced. Since you are here, and reading this article, this means that [...] Read more »

Betta Fish Food

betta fish food

Many Siamese fighting fish owners often ask what is the best betta fish food available. Well, the best would be insect larvae and small microorganisms to offer as food for betta fish. But, many of us do not have a supply of insect larvae sitting around! Before we look at [...] Read more »

Breeding Betta Fish

betta fish spawning

Have you ever considered breeding betta fish? Do you think it would be too complicated? Wouldn’t be nice to breed and raise your own fry to sell to your friends or the local fish store? Breeding betta fish is not that hard at all and many first time betta owners [...] Read more »

Betta Fish

crowntail betta, crown tail betta

The Betta fish is one of the most popular freshwater tropical fish kept by hobbyists today. These fish can be purchased all around the world in even the smallest of pet stores. There is a significant reason as to why so many people love this particular fish. Bettas have a [...] Read more »

Betta Fish Water

yellow betta fish

I see and hear a lot of people asking how to keep betta fish water clean and many want to know what type of water their betta fish needs. I commend you because you are striving to help keep your Betta Fish healthy and happy. Betta fish water should have [...] Read more »

Betta Fish Facts

betta fish spawning

Betta fish facts was written to provide you with the information you need to keep your Bettas healthy and happy. Common Name/Origin: Betta Fish, Betta Splendens, Siamese Fighting Fish, Beta Fish, Beta Fighting Fish. This member of the Osphronemidae fish family originates from Thailand. Most varieties available today are tank bred [...] Read more »