Today in the Fish Room 2-10-13

mpimbwe frontosa in 240 gallon aquarium

I have had a very busy week this week outside of my fish room. Kids, projects, sick infants… list keeps going. One thing I was able to do was make a huge water change on my 240 gallon Mpimbwe Frontosa Tank. I changed 120 gallons of water and boy did [...] Read more »

YOUR Oscar Pictures

kissing oscars

Below you will find pictures and stories of Oscars submitted by the visitors of Tropical Fish Success. Please take time to scroll through the images and stories our awesome visitors shared. Name: Cathy Location: Maine, USA Title: Kissing Oscars These are two oscars I was given by a lady who [...] Read more »

Cichlid Pictures

julidochromis marlieri

On this page you will be able to browse through a collection of beautiful Cichlid Pictures. Please take the time to admire some of the best freshwater tropical fish species that you can keep in your home aquarium. Click on the “Common” name below to view the beautiful pictures of [...] Read more »

Tropical Fish Pictures

bentochromis tricoti

On this page you will be able to browse through a collection of beautiful Tropical Fish Pictures. It is proven that freshwater tropical fish will help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and bring years of enjoyment to those who keep them. On this page, you will find a tropical fish [...] Read more »

YOUR Tropical Fish Pictures

blue moscow guppy

On this page you will be able to submit, share, and show off YOUR tropical fish pictures. This is your place to show off that prized pet fish, the breeding groups, the unique, or the show fish you own. People like to show off their pets and freshwater tropical fish [...] Read more »

YOUR Betta Fish Pictures

Below you will find a collection of YOUR Betta Fish Pictures. This is your place to show off your Betta Fish. If you have not already submitted a picture for us to post on this website, please do so below. As your viewing the betta images below, remember that the [...] Read more »

Tropheus Moorii Nkonde Pictures

Tropheus nkonde, Tropheus moorii nkonde, Tropheus pics

Below you will find a gallery of Tropheus Moorii Nkonde Pictures. The Tropheus Moorii is an African Cichlid from Lake Tanganyika. This cichlid is typically an aggressive fish that needs to be kept in large numbers, but has an awesome personality. As your viewing the images below, picture a group [...] Read more »

Fish Store Service

Tropical Fish Store, Tropical Fish Shop

Would you think that Tropical Fish Store Service is vital for you success in this hobby? There is nothing worse than going into a tropical fish store and receive no help what so ever. It has happened to me and will probably happen to you. As customers, no matter whether [...] Read more »