Plastic Aquariums

Will you find many plastic aquariums out there that will house the fish of your dreams? No. Sorry, you most likely will not find this. You will not find many aquariums worth purchasing that are made of plastic. Plastic fish tanks are normally found in sizes from ½ gallon – [...] Read more »

Aquarium Kits

Aquarium Kits are very popular today and with good reason.  In today’s society we all want everything fast and we want to get everything at one time.  I’m no exception to this but I do perform my research before I do go out and purchase my goods and supplies.  This is the [...] Read more »

Acrylic Aquariums

Acrylic aquariums are becoming more popular with home aquarists. Acrylic tanks are much more lighter than glass aquariums. Many tropical fish keepers prefer acrylic tanks when they set up what we call monster fish tanks. Large aquariums especially anything over 180 gallons, will have an option to be purchased in [...] Read more »

Fish Tank Size

small glass aquarium

The fish tank size that you purchase more than likely will be determined by the amount of available space you have, and also your budget. Small Aquariums Are Better, Right? Small fish tanks are actually harder to maintain due to the smaller amount of water that you have to work [...] Read more »

Betta Fish Aquariums

Sorting and searching through all of the different betta fish aquariums on the market can be a bit overwhelming. I know all that you want is to provide a perfect home for your pet betta fish. You will hear people refer to what they house their bettas in as betta [...] Read more »

Betta Fish Tanks

Deciding which betta tank to select among the many different types of betta fish tanks available on the market can be difficult. There are many different types ranging from plastic to glass and from very inexpensive to moderately priced. Since you are here, and reading this article, this means that [...] Read more »

Glass Aquariums

starphire glass compared to regular aquarium plate glass

Tempered vs. Plate Glass fish tanks are the most popular in the hobby today. Glass aquariums are built with either tempered or plate glass. Tempered glass is glass that is heated super hot and then cooled quickly resulting in super strong, lightweight glass. Tempered glass tanks will tend to shatter into many [...] Read more »

Which Aquarium Tank is Best for Your Needs?

aquarium tank, aquarium tanks, home aquarium

Having success with your aquarium tank requires research, learning, and patience. Most people do not take the time to research and discover the options available for today’s home aquarium. This lack of research is why so many people do not have success keeping tropical fish in their aquarium tank. Great [...] Read more »

Fish Tank Shape

cube fish tank, cube aquarium

When selecting the perfect tropical fish tank, be sure to think about the fish tank shape. Tropical fish tanks come in a wide variety of shapes. Some of the common fish tank shapes are rectangular, bow front, corner bow front, half cylinder, cylinder, bullet, hexagon, flat back hexagon, cube, and [...] Read more »