Inline Heater

The inline heater is another option that you can use to heat your tropical fish tank. This type of aquarium heater is actually installed on the outside of your aquarium. Inline heaters are used on tropical fish tanks that use canister filters or sumps. The inline heater installs in the [...] Read more »

Submersible Heater

The most common heater type in the hobby today is the submersible heater. When shopping for an aquarium heater, you will see that there are many different manufactures and many different price ranges. You will see many people state that their type is the best aquarium heater on the market. [...] Read more »

Aquarium Thermometer

Have you thought about how important the Aquarium Thermometer is to your tropical fish tank setup? Many freshwater tropical fish keepers make the mistake of purchasing a cheap heater, setting the temperature to 78°F, and going on about their business. Many do not think about the need for an aquarium [...] Read more »

Aquarium Heater

Many tropical fish keepers do not think about the need for an aquarium heater. Let’s think about one of the key words in Tropical Fish Keeping. The word “Tropical” is the word I want you to remember when you can’t figure out the correct water temperature of your home aquarium [...] Read more »