Aquarium Sponge Filter

An Aquarium Sponge filter is a very simple filter consisting of a plastic tube, base, and a sponge. A airline tube and air stone is lowered into the tube to the bottom of the base. Air is pushed out through the top of the tube causing suction through the sponge. [...] Read more »

Chemical Filter Media

Activated Carbon The most common chemical filter media used is activated carbon or charcoal. Activated carbon absorbs many pollutants that are in the water column. Depending on the filter you use, carbon can be included in filter cartridges, or carbon media bags. Activated carbon is relatively cheap, and can easily [...] Read more »

Mechanical Filtration

marineland emperor 400 power filter

Mechanical filtration is simply using filter media to remove waste debris from the water. Water is drawn up into the filter through the filter intake tube and is pushed through media such as filter floss, sponges, and filter cartridges. Debris such as fish poop or left over fish food will [...] Read more »

Chemical Filtration

Chemical filtration is somewhat different when compared to mechanical filtration. Unlike mechanical filtration, we cannot see some pollutants in our fish tanks. A chemical filter involves more of a molecular filtration process where a certain media absorbs the pollutants rather than just catching or trapping it. There are certain times in [...] Read more »

Wet-Dry Filter

marigold swordtail

Wet-Dry filters are a little different than the other filters on the market. The Wet dry filter is used more for biological filtration to help increase the beneficial bacteria colony in your system. Wet/dry filters trickle water over your filter media that is suspended out of the water in the [...] Read more »

Aquarium Canister Filter

An aquarium canister filter is a great filter for freshwater tropical fish tanks. Generally speaking, canister filters are used on larger fish tanks or on tanks that house large or messy tropical fish. A canister filter sits behind, beside, or underneath your tropical fish aquarium. The filter is rectangular in [...] Read more »

Biological Filtration

galaxy rasboro, celestichthys margaritatus

The biological filtration process is difficult to understand for some. Good bacteria called nitrifying bacteria converts ammonia into nitrates and then the nitrites are converted into nitrates. This good bacteria is found naturally in our environment. Good beneficial bacteria needs three things to grow in your home aquarium. A place [...] Read more »

Emperor 280 Power Filter

Here you will find all the information you need on the Marineland Emperor 280 Power Filter. Purchasing the correct filter for your aquarium plays a huge part in your success in this hobby. Aquarium filters are an absolute must in order to keep your water quality clean. Aquarium power filters [...] Read more »

Emperor Filter Parts

Looking for Emperor Filter parts to keep on hand or do you need to repair a Marineland Emperor filter? Here you will find a wide selection of replacement parts that you may need for your Emperor Power Filter. I like to keep additional aquarium filter parts on hand just in [...] Read more »

Aquarium Power Filter

Aquarium Power Filters are the most popular aquarium filters in the hobby today. Not only is this a perfect aquarium filter for the beginner, but also the experienced enthusiast because one can customize this type of fish tank filter to meet their desired needs. Power filters are great filters because [...] Read more »