Biological Filtration

galaxy rasboro, celestichthys margaritatus

The biological filtration process is difficult to understand for some. Good bacteria called nitrifying bacteria converts ammonia into nitrates and then the nitrites are converted into nitrates. This good bacteria is found naturally in our environment. Good beneficial bacteria needs three things to grow in your home aquarium. A place [...] Read more »

Fishless Tank Cycling

vieja argentea, silver cichlid, vieja argentea pic

Fishless tank cycling is the new trend in the fish tank cycling process. The fish less cycle is easy, does not stress fish, and teaches you to effectively test your aquarium water regularly. Tropical fish keepers are turning to this process more and more because you do not have to [...] Read more »

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

Full tank shot of planted aquarium

Three Main Chemical Compounds First, lets look at each of the three main chemical compounds that are present in the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle. Ammonia: Also known as unionized Ammonia (NH3). This toxin is released into your aquarium water from fish waste, uneaten food, or a fish that dies in the tank. [...] Read more »

Successfully Cycling an Aquarium

Aulonocara sp Orchidea Red

There are several different approaches in successfully cycling an aquarium. Before we discuss these, please remember that the fish tank cycle is the most important step you must complete to have success in this hobby. So many potential tropical fish keepers leave the hobby or give up because they repeatedly [...] Read more »

Aquarium pH

aquarium water ph test

When you read Tropical Fish Profiles, you will notice a suggested or needed Aquarium pH level for that particular tropical fish. Many people are confused as to what the pH is, or how you manage it. First, let’s identify what the abbreviation “pH” represents. pH stands for potential hydrogen. In other [...] Read more »

How to Change Aquarium Water

python so spill cleaning system

Do you know exactly how to change aquarium water? Do you know the things to watch out for during this process? Do not worry, we will cover this together. Just read through the steps and tips below and you will safely be changing aquarium water shortly. Now that you know [...] Read more »

Aquarium Water Changes

aquarium water

“The Solution to Pollution is Dilution” Performing regular Aquarium Water Changes is vital for a SUCCESSFUL tropical fish tank. I can look back when I first got into this hobby and just think of how bad a tropical fish keeper I was back then! I knew nothing of changing aquarium [...] Read more »

Aquarium Water Hardness

gold neon tetra fish

Aquarium water hardness is a part of the aquarium water chemistry that is often not fully understood. In all, it is not that complicated. Fish tank water hardness is measured in degrees of hardness. Many home aquarium water test kits will give you measurements in either Degrees of Hardness (dh) [...] Read more »

Aquarium Water Parameters

aquarium water ph test

Understanding your aquarium water parameters is key to experiencing true Tropical Fish Success. What do I mean when I say Aquarium Water parameters? Well this is simply the overall quality of your aquarium water. Nearly all tropical fish keepers will tell you that keeping excellent water quality is key to success [...] Read more »