Aquarium Stand Placement

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Stand placement will play a important role in your tropical fish keeping success. The first thing to consider during stand placement is the weight of the aquarium system and if your floor will support it. Homes that have a conventional foundation (a concrete slab) will have no problems with the [...] Read more »

Wrought Iron Fish Tank Stands

Wrought Iron Fish Tank Stands are usually a more economical option to support your home aquarium. Most aquarium metal stands are painted flat black, and may have a simple design on them to no designer touches at all. Most wrought iron fish tank stands are rather simple pieces, made of [...] Read more »

Wooden Fish Tank Stands

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Wooden fish tank stands offer much more to the overall value of your aquarium compared do wrought iron fish tank stands. Selecting a wood aquarium stand allows you to make your tropical fish tank a piece of furniture in your home. Wood aquarium stands can actually make your aquarium more [...] Read more »

10 Gallon Fish Tank Stand

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Searching for the perfect 10 gallon fish tank stand? Finding the right aquarium stand for you can be difficult. It is very important to ensure that the stand you purchase can hold the weight of your aquarium. The last thing you want is water and fish all over your floor! [...] Read more »

Aquarium Stands

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Aquarium stands come in many different styles that allow you to match your budget and home decor. When choosing a stand you should pick one that will adequately support the weight of the aquarium and one that will match your taste. Aquarium Stands Must Support the Weight Did you know [...] Read more »