Buying Freshwater Aquarium Fish

tropical fish store, bob's tropicalsNow that you have your aquarium set up and fully cycled, you will soon be buying freshwater aquarium fish for your home aquarium tank.

But before you run down to the fish store and purchase all those pretty freshwater tropical fish, let’s discuss a few important things that you need to know.

The first thing you need to do before buying freshwater aquarium fish is research, research, and more research. I hope this site will help you in this process.

Do not go out and purchase the first fish that you see in the local fish store.

I suggest that you read up on the fresh water Tropical Fish Profiles on this site, view the Picture Gallery, and then visit the Local Fish Store and speak to employees there before selecting freshwater aquarium fish.

Please read the articles below to ensure that when your buying freshwater aquarium fish you have a wonderful experience with no problems to deal with.

Purchase Wild or Tank Bred Freshwater
Aquarium Fish?

When you begin shopping for your fresh water tropical fish, you will notice you have an option for Wild Caught (WC) tropical fish or Tank Bred freshwater aquarium fish.

Please read the article below to ensure you fully understand the difference between these two types of freshwater aquarium fish. Below you will find all the information you will need to know before you purchase Wild or Tank raised tropical fish.

Article: Wild Caught or Tank Bred Tropical Fish?

Where should you purchase freshwater
tropical fish?

You have several options available from tropical fish stores, wholesale dealers, online dealers, online auction sites, local fish clubs, local tropical fish auctions, or a local breeder in your town to find your perfect aquarium fish.

Below I will discuss the above-mentioned fish suppliers in detail to better help you understand what the best option is for you.

Tropical Fish Stores

So what do I mean when I say Freshwater Tropical Fish Stores? What stores fall into this category? Please read the following article to see what we in the hobby call a true “Local Fish Store.”

Article: What are Tropical Fish Stores?

Fish Store Service

What is one of the most important things you should look for in a freshwater tropical fish store?

Customer Service!!!

Please read the article below to fully understand what type of fish store service you should receive when you visit your local tropical fish stores.

Article: Fish Store Service


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