Betta Fish Tanks

Deciding which betta tank to select among the many different types of betta fish tanks available on the market can be difficult. There are many different types ranging from plastic to glass and from very inexpensive to moderately priced.

Since you are here, and reading this article, this means that you are researching and that is a great thing! The great thing about researching and shopping for betta fish tanks is that you can choose from a huge selection to fit your taste.

First, I would like to distinguish between the three basic housing options for bettas that are available.

These include:

  • Betta Fish Tanks
  • Betta Fish Aquariums
  • Betta Fish Bowls

The way I see these different setups are as followed. Betta Fish Aquariums are generally larger, have a full aquarium setup including filter, heater, lights, and hood. They usually have other fish in the aquarium along with the Betta.

The Betta Fish Bowl is just as it sounds, a small bowl or cup. No other equipment is used.

The betta fish tank is the setup that fits in between the betta bowl and the betta aquarium.

Betta Fish Tank

As mentioned above, the betta fish tank is larger than the betta bowl, but may be smaller or equal to the size of the aquarium. I consider the betta fish tank as one that houses just the betta and no other tank mates. Betta fish tank may have equipment such as aquarium filters, small betta heaters, and lights.

Many people will say there is not much difference between a betta fish tank and a betta aquarium but I disagree. In this hobby we categorize things differently depending on where you live and how your culture identifies things.

The betta tank can be made of plastic, acrylic, or glass. Betta tanks can range from 1-gallon to 5-gallon tanks. I categorize anything larger than 5-gallons as an aquarium.

Great Deals on Betta Fish Tanks

There are so many different betta tank themes to choose from. There is one to fit any style or theme in your home or office.

Kids and Colorfully Themed Betta Fish Tanks

There is nothing as special as a child enjoying a pet. This includes the wonderful betta fish. Your kids aquarium should add to the enjoyment of fish-keeping for your youngster.

Little Mermaid Aquarium Cube, 1.5 Gallons
Teddy Tank: Betta Fish Tank
Finding Nemo Aquarium 1.5 Gallons

Trendy Betta Fish Tanks

Things to Remember about Betta Tanks

  • Most people use betta tanks or containers that do not have space for heaters. If you do so, please monitor the room temperature in which your betta tank is kept.
  • Keeping fish in smaller tanks requires regular water changes. Weekly Water Changes are highly recommended.
  • Betta Fish are jumpers so keep a lid on your tank.
  • Do not overfeed your betta fish.

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