Betta Fish Bowls

Betta Fish Bowls are just one of the types of homes you can provide for your betta fish. Some people choose to setup Betta Fish Tanks or Betta Aquariums while most select a simple, elegant betta bowl.

The debate on how small a bowl is too small for your betta has been discussed for years and probably will continue for years to come. I’m not here to convince you one way or the other but I will say that I personally like to provide as much space for my freshwater tropical fish as I possibly can. In the wild, betta fish live in shallow pools of water with very slow currents. This is why so many betta fish are housed in bowls or containers.

Betta fish will appreciate a larger tank with slow moving water but please keep in mind that one betta does not need a 40-gallon tank to live. These freshwater tropical fish prefer to hang out near the top of the water column. Due to their long and flowing fins, these fish can not swim well in strong flowing water.

Their are so many options available for you to choose from when selecting the correct betta fish bowl. There are those that are simple, contemporary, sleek, and fun. There are acrylic, plastic, and glass. There are containers that fit into your aquarium, and there are betta containers that hold multiple fish.

So much to choose from! So what is the right one for you?

Below I will discuss and share with you some of the most popular betta bowls on the market today.

Traditional Glass Betta Fish Bowls

Eye Catching Betta Fish Bowls

A betta bowl can be a great accent to any room. These betta bowls will demand your visitor’s attention. Why not add a bit style to your betta’s bowl!

Betta Containers

Betta containers are smaller than betta bowls, tanks, and aquariums. I do not recommend that you keep your betta in anything this small for long periods of time. This type of betta fish bowl should be used to temporarily display your betta for special events, used during bowl or tank cleanings, or used to introduce your betta to potential tank mates.These types of fish bowls have their place in the hobby and I ask that you do not keep your betta in a bowl or container this small for long periods of time. These are excellent for introducing potential spawning partners before placing in the same tank. Read more about Breeding Betta Fish to see how and when to use these containers for breeding.

Important Tips Regarding Betta Fish Bowls

  • Maintain Clean Water – Read how to Change Aquarium Water
  • Smaller bowls will require more frequent water changes
  • Keep bowl away from direct sunlight, heaters and A/C units
  • Keep an eye on water temperature
  • Please do not keep your betta in a bowl too small

Remember that whatever you choose to house your betta, I recommend you change the water weekly. Also, with so many styles available, it is ultimately your choice. So go with something that fits your style and will give your betta a long healthy life.

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