Aquarium Stands

Aquarium stands come in many different styles that allow you to match your budget and home decor. When choosing a stand you should pick one that will adequately support the weight of the aquarium and one that will match your taste.

Aquarium Stands Must Support the Weight

diy aquarium standDid you know that one gallon of water weighs 8.34 lbs. A safe average is to assign 10 lbs. per gallon to take into account the weight of the decorations, equipment, and water. So think about how heavy a 55-gallon aquarium would be. A good estimate would be around 600 lbs once you account for the tank, water, equipment, and decorations.

Now that you know that aquariums full of water are very heavy, you are not going to put your new tropical fish tank on your old end table that has been passed down through the family over the years are you? You are not going to put your new tropical fish tank on two milk crates in your living room are you? I have seen 20-gallon tanks sitting on tables that were designed to hold a phone and a lamp. Not good!

I read and see pictures often of people buying the cheap, particleboard end tables at their local “department” store and using this as their aquarium tank stand. Those types of tables were not made to withstand moisture, much less spilled water, and the weight of the tank.

Always purchase a stand that is made for the purpose of supporting an aquarium. There should always be adequate vertical and horizontal support for your tank. Inadequate support resulting from unbalanced stands, or improper furniture used as aquarium stands can lead to stress fractures, injury to you and your fish, and a very expensive and messy clean up project.

So, with this being said, let’s explore the correct way to select and setup your aquarium tank stand.

Wrought Iron or Wooden Fish Tank Stands?

Two common stands in the hobby are wrought iron fish tank stands and wooden fish tank stands. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to each.

Aquarium metal stands are more popular with smaller aquariums, and tropical fish hobbyist that are not looking to match existing decor in the home. Read more about Wrought Iron Fish Tank Stands and Aquarium Metal Stands to see if this is the right stand for you.

Tropical fish hobbyist that are looking to add value to their home aquarium and a sense of design to your tank, you may want to choose a wooden fish tank stand.

Tropical fish keepers that are looking to add value and beauty to their tanks may be interested in Wooden fish tank stands. Wood aquarium stands offer much more than wrought iron fish tank stands. Read more about Wooden Fish Tank Stands and why so many tropical fish keepers select this type for their homes.

So, which one should you choose? Well it all depends on you and your taste and needs. In my opinion, if I were putting my tropical fish tank in a living room, dining room, or bedroom I would purchase a wooden stand that would match the surrounding furniture.

On the other hand, if I were on a tight budget, or I was wanting to maximize the space in an extra room, I would consider a wrought iron fish stand. The choice is ultimately yours. I always recommend a wooden fish tank stand when setting up an aquarium to be a show piece in a home.

Aquarium Stand Placement

So where should you place your new aquarium and stand?

Should you setup your home aquarium in the carport?

What about your child’s playroom?

Maybe your open air screened in porch?

The answer to the last three questions is NO.

To see why please read more about Stand Placement so you can set your aquarium up in the perfect place in your home.

Looking for an Aquarium Stand?

Looking for a stand for your home aquarium? Click on the link below that corresponds to the stand your looking to purchase for your tropical fish tank.

10 Gallon Stands


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