Aquarium Stand Placement

stand, aquarium stand, fish tanks standStand placement will play a important role in your tropical fish keeping success. The first thing to consider during stand placement is the weight of the aquarium system and if your floor will support it. Homes that have a conventional foundation (a concrete slab) will have no problems with the weight of a home aquarium as long as the foundation is in good condition.

Homes that have raised foundations (flooring supported by pillars underneath the home) will have to consider the location of the stand carefully. The reason is that you do not want to add 500-2,500 lbs. on a weak area that has poor floor support. In some cases, homes that have raised foundations require homeowners to go underneath the house to ensure the support is adequate. Remember a 125-gallon tank will weigh around 1,250 lbs. when everything is setup and running. If you are planning a monster fish tank, let’s say 240-gallons and larger, you may want to ensure that you have reinforced support underneath the floor. 

Wherever you place your aquarium and stand, ensure that everything is level. Use a contractor’s level and place it on top of your stand and aquarium. Everything should be perfectly level. If not, aquariums and stands can stress due to uneven pressure and eventually crack and break. If your floor or stand is not level, this is somewhat of a simple problem to correct. Go to your local building supply store and purchase carpenter leveling shims. Simply place the shim or shims into place until everything is level. Double-check and ensure that the stand and tank does not wobble. 

Once you have verified that you have adequate support, and a level floor, you must pick a spot in the home where you will be happy with the stand placement. You do not want to break down the entire system and move it every time you or your spouse wants to redecorate the room. So look around, and try to visualize if your aquarium stand and tank will be in an area that a new TV or couch may sit in the future. If so, pick another location in the room. 

Another consideration in stand placement is placing the stand in a low traffic area. The last thing you want to do is keep bumping your aquarium stand. This will disturb your fish and also may lead to a tank on the floor. Think about how much traffic will pass by your tank. Even if you select a wooden fish tank stand, constant bumping into it can cause your stand and tank stress. Do not place an aquarium stand in an area such as a pool (billiards) room or recreation room where a lot of activity will be occurring.

Select a location in a room that has heating and air conditioning. Do not place your new aquarium in the garage, basement, or attic unless you plan on heating or cooling that area. Aquariums should not be placed directly under air conditioning vents. The fluctuation in the temperature will cause many problems. Do not place your aquarium in front of a window or door. Anywhere there are drafts or direct sunlight hitting your tank will lead to problems. Direct sunlight shining on your aquarium will cause you to have a horrible algae problem.

Do not place your aquarium immediately next to unprotected electronic equipment. Sometimes you will spill water or a fish will splash, you do not want your home entertainment center ruined. The stand placement needs to be around a source of power. You will have to plug your aquarium equipment into a power source so make sure you have electrical outlets near. You do not want to run extension cords across the room and create an unsightly mess. Make sure that you place your stand at least 7 inches from the wall. This will allow for adequate space to hang your aquarium equipment and to ensure enough space for tank maintenance.

Aquarium Stand Placement Tips

  • Ensure the floor will support the weight.
  • Place in a low traffic area.
  • Place away from windows and doors.
  • Place away from air conditioning and heater vents.
  • Do place in temperature-controlled environment.
  • Place near electrical power outlets.
  • Place at least 7 inches away from the wall.

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