Aquarium Pumps

tetra whisper air pumpWhen you hear the term aquarium pumps you naturally think about an aquarium air pump. Today in the hobby, air and water pumps are used for a variety of reasons. Below I would like to discuss each type and the accessories that you can use with each.

Aquarium Air Pumps

The debate between whether or not you actually need an aquarium pump will be argued for years on end. I run air pumps on some tanks, and on others I do not have one installed.

So Do You Need An Aquarium Air Pump?

To answer this question, please read this article:

Lets look at the two types of air pumps available. 

Vibrating Aquarium Air Pumps

These air pumps are relatively inexpensive, small in size, and require very little mechanical knowledge to run in your home. Vibrating aquarium air pumps usually have 1-3 outlets and are very easy to move around the house if needed.

Vibrating hobby pumps are the most common in the hobby simply because most hobbyist do not need a large piston pump. A vibrating aquarium air pump will be what you need if you simply want to add one or two air lines to your tropical fish aquarium.

The main disadvantages are that these pumps can be loud (depending on the model purchased) and some vibrate a lot and will walk off of hard, flat surfaces unless you secure them tightly. 

Piston Driven Aquarium Air Pumps

This type of air pump is most often used in commercial settings such as breeders, very large display aquariums, and fish stores. Piston driven aquarium air pumps are larger, louder, and take up more space. With that being said, they can produce a lot more air and supply many more tanks with oxygen.

Piston driven air pumps require some maintenance mainly keeping them lubricated. This type of aquarium pump is usually more expensive, but if you have multiple tanks and need multiple airlines supplied with oxygen, this would be a great choice for you.

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