Aquarium Power Filter

Aquarium Power Filters are the most popular aquarium filters in the hobby today. Not only is this a perfect aquarium filter for the beginner, but also the experienced enthusiast because one can customize this type of fish tank filter to meet their desired needs.

Power filters are great filters because you can use all three types of filtration in one filter. Most power filters are square and can house filter cartridges or provide open space for customization of filter media.

Power filters house a motor in the bottom of the filter box and is usually magnetically driven. The power filter hangs on the back of the aquarium hence the nickname HOB (Hang Off the Back) filter or also known as an external aquarium filter. The filter has an intake tube that is lowered into the tank and draws the aquarium water into the filter. Aquarium water then passes through the filter media (usually from the bottom to top) and then back out into the tropical fish tank.

So, what size power filter do you need to purchase?

Power filters are manufactured and advertised to work with certain size aquariums. You may see one advertised to filter an aquarium 20-70 gallons. I am not saying that this is incorrect all of the time, but sometimes the filter may be great for a 20-gallon tropical fish tank, but will be inadequate to filter a 70-gallon fish tank. You will notice on the package or the advertisement that the Power Filter filters “X” gallons per hour or 20 GPH. This rating simply states that the filter will draw “X” or 20 gallons per hour in this example.

Asa general rule in this hobby, you want your aquarium water to be “turned over” 10 times per hour. So if you have a 20-gallon aquarium, you want an aquarium filter that filters 200 gallons per hour. This means that your total volume of water in the fish tank will flow through the filter 10 times in one hour.

I can speak from experience and suggest that you purchase the largest power filter that falls into your budget. The reason I suggest this is because if you choose to get a larger tank later, you can simply use your current filter instead of having to purchase a new one. Another thing I suggest is to purchase two aquarium power filters to hang on your tropical fish tank.

Purchasing two power filters for your tropical fish tank allows for:

  • An emergency backup in case one filter stops working.
  • You can clean one filter at a time and not jeopardize your biological filtration.
  • Increased water flow resulting in cleaner, more oxygenated water for your tropical fish.

Remember you can NEVER over filter your tropical fish tank.

Aquarium Power Filter Benefits

  • Affordable
  • Excellent Mechanical Filtration
  • Hangs on the Back of the Tank
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Maintain and Clean
  • Increased Water Surface Agitation

Popular Aquarium Power Filters

Looking for information on the most popular power filters? Check out the power filters listed below.

Emperor 280 Power Filter
Emperor 400 Filter


Aquarium Power Filter Replacement Parts

Emperor Filter Parts

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