Aquarium Filter Media

The selection of the correct Aquarium Filter Media to be used in your Fish Tank Filters will determine the success you have keeping a tropical fish aquarium. There are three types of aquarium media used in today’s home aquarium filters.

Filter media is the actual material that is used to capture and remove debris and pollutants from your aquarium tank water. Tropical fish produce waste, there is food that goes uneaten, and organics that breakdown from live plants and driftwood that need to be removed. Using the appropriate aquarium filter media will leave your aquarium crystal clear and your tropical fish happy and healthy.

Mechanical Filter Media

Mechanical Filter Media is the first type of filter media I would like to discuss. Mechanical media does the physical capturing of debris so that you can remove it from the water column. Most mechanical filter media is used to remove the larger waste products floating in your tropical fish tank.

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Chemical Filter Media

Chemical Filter Media is used to remove the pollutants in your tropical fish tank that you can not see with your naked eyes. When you hear filter media, you think of sponges, cartridges, and maybe filter floss. Many do not think of chemical media that can be used to remove toxins in our home aquarium tank’s water.

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Biological Filter Media

Out of the three types of filtration media that we are discussing, Biological Filter Media is the most important. The correct media type and amount will determine the success of your beneficial bacteria colony.

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