Aquarium Air Pump Uses

tetra whisper air pumpAn aquarium air pump is used to introduce oxygen into your aquarium water. This not only benefits your tropical fish, but also the beneficial bacteria that are needed to fulfill the biological filtration in your aquarium tank.

Many believe that you do not need to have a fish tank air pump in your tropical fish tank setup. While they are many who never use them and have great success, I will say that I still use them in certain tanks and in certain situations.

Next, I would like to share with you the reasons in which you should use fish tank air pumps for your freshwater tropical fish.

Increased Oxygen:

Air pumps introduce oxygen into our tropical fish tanks through airline tubing and airstones. This increased oxygen in the form of air bubbles release carbon dioxide from the aquarium water. The increased oxygen benefits all aspects of your home aquarium. Live plants, beneficial bacteria, and your tropical fish will thrive with high oxygen levels in their water.

Water Circulation:

Many do not think of air pumps as a water circulation tool but they do actually move the water. Installing a bubble stone, or bubble disk will produce a great deal of tiny bubbles flowing upwards. This movement actually circulates the water. Most hobbyist place these wands or stones in the back of the tank helping circulate water in the “dead spots” of their tank.


One of the most popular uses for fish tank air pumps is for decoration purposes. There are many different aquarium decorations on the market today that allow you to hook an air pump to and offer some sort of movement of that decoration by the airflow dispensed from the air pump.

Most tropical fish keepers really like the look of a bubble wall flowing upwards in the back of their fish tank. The bubble wall is produced by a bubble wand or airstone being placed in the back of the aquarium tank. The length is personal preference, but many love to sit and watch their fish swim through or in front of thousands of tiny bubbles flowing up to the top of their aquarium.

Transporting Tropical Fish:

There may be a time when you are required to move your tropical fish to another location in your home or elsewhere. Possessing an aquarium air pump will aid you in this endeavor. When you are moving fish, it is important to regulate the temperature and oxygen while they are out of the aquarium. Simply using a fish tank air pump and airstone can do this.

I have transported fish for over 20 hours in a 5-gallon bucket and portable air pump on numerous occasions.

Quarantine and Hospital Tanks:

When medicating and treating sick fish, one of the most common practices used today is the heat and salt treatment. When we in the hobby raise the temperature in our tropical fish tanks it decreases the level of oxygen in the aquarium water. Using an aquarium air pump is vital to ensure oxygen is reintroduced back into the water column and help aid the healing process of your sick fish.

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