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My name is Kris and I live in Mississippi (USA). I am married to a wonderful young lady and I have two wonderful boys and two beautiful girls.

Tropical Fish SuccessYou may be asking “How did this website come to be?”

Well, I like so many of you became interested in keeping tropical fish in my home aquarium, but I would run into problems all along the way. Defective equipment, cloudy water, algae, fish dying, diseases, and fish fighting were just some of the problems I ran into early on in my fish-keeping days.

Over the years, I heard so many people say “I just gave up.” “I didn’t want to throw out the fish tank but I just could not keep anything alive!” I just kept thinking to myself that these people are missing out! I can not imagine not having my aquarium tanks up and running in my home!

So, I decided in the summer of 2009 to begin working on a website that would help people have Success keeping tropical fish. Tropical fish (especially Cichlids) are a true passion of mine. I want to share this passion with anyone and everyone that will listen to me or read about them on here.

How I Became Hooked

My dad had a tank when I was really young. I will say around 5 years old. He had large, beautiful Angel Fish and Silver Dollars. I can remember sitting in the den and watching them gracefully swim back and forth. I was amazed.

29 Gallon Aquarium Tank

29-Gallon Aquarium. My first aquarium received 1989.

Six years later, at the age of 11, I received my very first Aquarium. It was Christmas and when I came down the stairs there was this big box and all sorts of accessories on the floor. My mom and dad purchased a 29-gallon aquarium kit for me. I opened several more presents and found aquarium gravel (blue), plastic plants, a plastic shipwreck decoration, and a set of the plastic rocks that you can build into a cave.

Burundi Frontosa Juvies

Burundi Frontosa Juvies – 125 Gallon Aquarium

During this time I kept the community aquarium staples such as Neon Tetras, Swordtails, Mollies, Guppies, and Angelfish. Anytime my family and I went on a trip, I begged to stop at every Fish Store we passed. Usually, looking into all of the tanks was more fun to me than what we went on the trip to see.

The Teen Years

Throughout high school, I began adding a few more tanks to my room. I had two 15-gallon tanks and a 5-gallon tank added to my collection. So the total tanks in my room came to four.

This is the time I began experimenting with cichlids. The first cichlid was a mixed African Peacock. I kept it for years. The second was a Pink Convict. It lived for years also all by itself. During this time is when I became addicted to cichlids and their unique personalities.

The College Years

I moved off to college and had to leave behind my tanks. No problem, my dad helped keep everything going.

Upon graduating from college, I got married. We moved into our first small apartment together and you can guess what was the first thing I moved into the apartment. Yep, my 29 gallon tank that I received for Christmas 10 years earlier.

Four months later I moved into a rental house that gave us more room. What does anyone who is addicted to Tropical Fish do with extra room?

Get another tank.

Road trip to Memphis, Tn and purchased a 55-gallon aquarium and stand. My wife and I set this one up in our bedroom.

The Collection Grows

After two more moves, we purchased our first house. Now I had even more room for more tanks!

I began researching the Cyphotilapia Frontosa species and seeing how they grew very large, I would need a large tank. So I drove just outside of Nashville, Tn and purchased a 240-gallon (8 foot long) aquarium. This was my first monster tank. Weighing in at 450lbs. dry!

I expanded my collection to 7 aquariums during this time. Everything I kept were either South American or African Cichlids.

Current Collection

Currently, I run 26 tanks in my home.  I have a dedicated fish room and I love it! I have a mixture of tanks ranging from 10-gallons to 240-gallons.

Currently I am breeding Placidochromis Phenochilus TanzaniaCyrtocara moorii (Malawi Blue Dolphin), Cyphotilapia Frontosa, and Julidochromis Regani.

I invite you to Contact Me Directly and give me your suggestions and comments. I would love to hear from you. Want me to write about a certain topic? Please leave me your thoughts and suggestions.


I hope you enjoy this site!

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