Looking For Success In Freshwater Tropical Fish Keeping?

Are you tired of bringing home that new freshwater tropical fish to only have it die within the next few days?

Do you keep having problems with cloudy water or algae?

Are you looking for information to be successful in setting up an aquarium?

I know your pain, I once struggled with keeping tropical fish in my home aquarium too.

Angelfish tank
I have kept freshwater aquarium fish for 23 years now. I received my first tank for Christmas at the age of 11. I haven’t been without fish since. Today I currently run 26 aquariums at my residence. I have learned from experience (the hard and expensive way), I’ve read and researched, and I’ve asked and listened to those in the hobby. All of this information I will share with you to help you have success with your home aquarium.


clown killifish psuedepiplatys annulatusWhether you are looking for information on Selecting The Correct Tank, decorating your fish tank also known as “aquascaping”, selecting the best and most affordable aquarium equipment and supplies, what to feed your fish, or you just want to view the Fish Profiles and Pictures of the different types of aquariumfish, you will find it here.

This website will provide you with all of the information you will ever need to enjoy this wonderful fish keeping hobby.

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psuedotropheus saulosi


If you would like to submit the tropical fish you are most proud of and want to show it off please visit YOUR Tropical Fish Pictures to submit and show off your fish pictures!